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Finance ministers meeting

G20 Finance Ministers Meeting


Meeting with conference microphones and dome camera video integration

Congress Rental supplied 60 Microphones.

In addition to the Leaders meetings there were many other meetings including a Finance Ministers Meeting and G20 Meeting. This room had 34 Wired Microphones, 3 dome cameras and language support from the Interpreter booths.

Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns QLD 


  • 60 Microphones

  • 4 Dome cameras

  • 8 Booths

  • Remote Interpretation

  • Queuing Software

Interpreter booths and consoles

Inside Interpretation Booth.

interpreter booths

8 Booths were used for the event.

Related Events in Other Locations

conference microphones

Meeting in process.

Retreat at Pullman Hotel - Cairns

60 wireless microphones

Deputy's meeting - Cairns Convention Centre

30 Microphones

Support meeting - Shangri-la hotel Cairns

37 Microphones

The booths were located remotely. Interpreters were provided head and shoulders view of delegate speaking and overview of room. 4 Domes allowed dedicated view of chairman and automatic switching of other 3 dome cameras to delegate speaking. Queuing software allowed chairman to see a list of delegates wishing to speak and select them as desired.

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