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lcicon 2022 montreal

LCICon 2022: Montréal

104th Lions Clubs International Convention, 24-28 June 2022.


Congress Rental Australia Supports LCICon 2022 with the help of Duoson Multimedia and the Congress Rental Network




Lions Clubs International is an organisation that takes on many global initiatives related to service, organisation and unity. Their donations provide funding in the form of grants to financially assist large-scale humanitarian projects. Today they have 46,000 local clubs and more than 1.4 million members in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.


They have held more than 100 conventions dating back to 1917, bringing their unprecedented celebration of service to host cities around the world. The 104th International Convention took place in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

LCICon 2022

Client's vision:


Lions International expected that members from all around the world would converge on Montréal for this event to participate in meetings and presentations. They needed high-quality, live interpretation solutions to support each part of this multi-day event and ensure smooth, seamless multilingual communication.

Our solution:


The solution provided was dynamic and custom tailored to each room depending on the amount of space there was to work with and the various language requirements needed. For Larger meetings, interpreters worked in the room in soundproof interpretation booths and the audio was sent out to delegates via digital infrared receivers. For smaller meetings, each individual delegate that needed interpretation was supported using whisper systems based on 2.4GHz radio frequency. For the large scale stadium event, FM receivers were used so that thousands of delegates could access interpretation simultaneously.

Our collaboration with Duoson Multimedia via the Congress Rental Network:

Duoson Multimedia is our Canadian partner from the Congress Rental Network, a network of event technology specialists like ourselves. Not only were they able to supply key equipment locally, but they also helped significantly with the setup, and provided key technical support during the event itself.

board of directors meeting set up with interpretation
Interpretation booth set up
interpretation booth set up
interpretation booth set up
interpretation booth set up

Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel


Board of Directors Meetings

• 58 x Bosch DC NG conference microphones

• 2 x Bosch dome cameras

• 150 x Bosch Integrus infrared receivers

• 7 x Audipack interpreter booths with interpreter consoles, lights, and electricity inside

The unique functionality of the conference microphones allowed interpretation streams to be embedded and accessible directly from the units themselves. This functionality also ensured that there was no feedback loop when the microphones were activated.

Board of directors meeting
LCICon board of directors meeting
Interpreters working in booths
meeting with simultaneous interpretation

 Breakout rooms

There were individual breakout rooms for each committee meeting. Some of these committee meetings included membership development, leadership development, constitution and by-laws, convention, service activities, marketing communications, among others.

Various different conference microphone configurations were used depending on the number of committee members that were scheduled to attend each meeting as well as the  each member's multilingual requirements.

In each room, there were preconfigured whisper systems ready so that interpreters could support individual delegates that required interpretation.

conference microphones
conference microphones
conference microphones
conference microphones
whisper interpretation system
Palais des congrès de Montréal​

Palais des Congrès de Montréal​

Here, various additional meetings took place, each with a different requirement. Once a meeting finished, the room was quickly packed up and equipment was moved to setup for the next meeting.

Room 710

  • 12 x interpreter booths

  • Low-cost FM radios as receivers

  • 12 FM channels, one for each language

Room 524

  • 7 x interpreter booths

  • Low-cost FM radios as receivers

  • 7 FM channels, one for each language

Room 520

  • 8 x interpreter booths

  • 58 x conference Microphones

  • 175 x infrared receivers

The Bell Centre


This space needed to suit 6000 delegates with clear audio in Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. For this number of delegates, FM transmission is the most efficient and cost effective solution. Rigorous testing of the FM transmission system took place during setup to ensure a clean set of frequencies to work with.


FM radios were distributed from stations at the entrance of the stadium. The frequency that each language was available on was displayed clearly on signage.

fm interpretation receiver distribution
fm interpretation receiver distributiong

The space filled up quickly, with thousands of delegates tuning their individual radios to listen to crystal clear interpretation of the event.

stadium with fm interpretation

Interpreters worked from behind the stage in an interpretation hub. A technical team stationed out the back looked after the interpreters and ensured that the feeds remained stable and of the highest quality at all times.

interpreters working backstage
technical producers working backstage
Interpreters working backstage

Three days prior to the event a situation arose where some of the interpreters that were booked to be working could not make it to Montréal due to various issues such as securing a travel visa in time. For the Hindi, Nepali and Swedish teams, some were able to work on site from booths and some needed to be able to work remotely.


Using the Congress Rental Network Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform powered by Interprefy, they were able to work together. Interpreters shared a virtual interpreter booth which allowed them to collaborate, communicate and handover to each other as if they were  in the same location. The audio was then delivered seamlessly to delegates in the room on one clean interpretation channel through FM transmission.

Nikki, a Swedish Interpreter on site in Montréal worked with another Swedish Interpreter that could not physically make it and had to work remotely from Sweden. She loved the solution and was kind enough to give this testimonial about her experience.


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In partnership with Duoson Multimedia via the Congress Rental Network, Congress successfully delivered multilingual support start to finish. Each delegate, whether in a meeting, breakout room or presentation had access to live interpretation in their own language throughout the multi day event.

lions international signage

Interested in learning more about Simultaneous Interpretation for your next event?

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