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Silent Conference is an innovative way to save money, time and effort for your next event. Congress Rental’s Silent Conference allows you to host multiple presentations in a single space without noise interruptions from competing PA speakers.

Save money on additional room hires

Forget hiring breakout rooms by having each breakout in a single space. Breakouts can be set up in one or more venue spaces to support simultaneous presentations. High-quality digital audio is delivered through individual delegate receivers, saving you and the client money on room hire

Save time between sessions

With Silent Conference, you can hire one large area and divide it into multiple breakouts. This allows delegates to seamlessly transition from a single plenary, into as many as 32 breakout sessions. Give your clients more options and give their delegates a fun and interactive event experience that is easy to navigate – gone are the days of getting lost on the way to their next session.

Save money on room configurations

Using Silent Conference in your next event means less money on lighting, room configurations and decors. One room. One sound desk. One successful event.

Save your delegates time and increase attendance

Who doesn’t love selling more event tickets? More delegates are inclined to find time to attend an event if it takes up hours and not days. Run concurrent sessions instead of traditional consecutive sessions with Silent Conference. This solution benefits the delegates as well as the clients. Silent Conference is an innovative solution to organise your event, allowing you to be resourceful with your budget while ensuring that your client’s needs are met. Want to learn more about Silent Conference? Watch our explanation video.


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