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AI Interpreting

Leading AI Interpreting Technology

Take advantage of the best AI Interpreting on the market to bring an affordable and scalable language solution to your next event.

AI Interpretation Sound Wave
Live Speech Translation

Translate live speech

Our AI Interpreting solution automatically translates live speech in real-time.

Custom Glossary

Custom Glossary

Fine-tune the AI engine to with a custom glossary of names, acronyms and technical terminology.

Natural Sounding Voices

Natural Sounding Voices

Choose from a natural-sounding range of voices and accents in both male and female.

Extensive Language Library

Extensive Language Library

The technology we use currently translates all UN, most EU and most common Asian Languages.

Stream Live Captions

Stream live captions

Easily enable your audience to stream multi-lingual live captions for maximum accessibiility.

Downloadable Transcript

Downloadable transcript

Keep a record of the event with a downloadable transcript of the proceedings.

Directly integrates on-site or online

Onsite AI Interpretation

On-site - IR

AI Interpreting is delivered at your venue using digital infrared receivers and headphones.

Onsite App AI Interpretation

On-site - App

AI Interpreting is delivered at your venue using the Congress Rental Network App powered by Interprefy.

Online AI Interpretation


AI Interpreting is directly integrated with the virtual platform of your choice.

Technical Producer AI Interpretation

With over 20 years of experience bringing the latest interpreting solutions to multilingual meetings and events, we are best equipped to meet your requirements.


AI Interpretation Use Case
AI Interpretation Use Case
AI Interpretation Use Case
AI Interpretation Use Case
AI Interpretation Use Case

AI interpreting has a wide variety of applications, it has the potential to be applied to meetings and events of all scales, and settings. If you have a unique application in mind, tell us about it and we can craft a custom solution for you.

Have any questions or want to learn more about AI Interpreting?

Reach out and talk to one of our producers.

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