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Interpreting Equipment

Australia's Best Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, Congress Rental is Australia's leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Solutions. We combine our expertise and experience with the latest Bosch infra-red wireless technology to create the best Simultaneous Interpreting Solutions for our clients' needs. 

bosch wireless simultaneous interpretation console

Australia's most trusted Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment providers

congress rental simultaneous interpretation equipment

Our Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment brings crisp, digital-quality interpreting audio to delegates via a wireless, infrared connection. Our complete solutions deliver language being spoken on the floor to interpreters in sound-proof booths for instant interpreting. The interpreting is then broadcasted to delegates for a smoother multilingual experience, with minimal delay between the presenter speaking and the interpreted audio being heard.

We use only the best, industry-leading equipment, with top-class, end-to-end production and services to match. Our producers work collaboratively with clients to tailor the best simultaneous  interpreting solution for their meeting or event.

What our clients are saying

"The efforts of Congress over the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit event weekend have not gone unnoticed and I have continually received nothing less than complete admiration and the highest appreciation for the way simultaneous interpretation services were managed and performance and quality of the attending Congress staff. I would personally like to congratulate Congress for another extremely successful engagement with PM&C. Well done and thank you all once again."

- Chris Jackson, ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018 Taskforce

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What is Simultaneous Interpreting and how does it work?

Simultaneous Interpreting (​also known as Simultaneous Translation) requires specialised conference interpreters who can interpret spoken word as it's being spoken. This reduces the time that delegates need to wait before being able to understand the speaker and preserves the flow of speech. There are three main steps in the Simultaneous Interpreting process supported by dedicated simultaneous interpreting equipment to ensure a high level of professionalism:

​Step 1: Floor Language is Spoken

The ‘floor language’, spoken by the guest speaker, conference lecturer or main presenter is transmitted wirelessly through the main microphone or ‘floor feed’ to the translation control room.

interpreter using Bosch Interpreter Desk

Step 2: Interpreters Listen

The control room is usually in a separate location in a soundproof interpreting / translation booth or sometimes at the back of the auditorium. From here, the interpreter or interpreting team listens to the content live as it is broadcast.

Step 3: Interpreting and Delivery

The content is concurrently replicated and interpreted by the interpreter(s) in the Interpreting booth, which is delivered wirelessly to the corresponding audience members through infrared headsets.

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