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Personal Hearing Loop System

A simple, portable assistive listening solution

Australia's Best Personal Hearing Loop Systems

The personal hearing loop is a wireless, portable audio transmission system, in which clear digital audio is fed through a transmitter unit connected to the audio desk at the venue and sent over 2.4GHz frequency to the receiver units. The receiver units then interface with a personal induction hearing loop that is worn around the user’s neck. The delegate receives a direct feed to their assistive listening device.

This device is compatible with ‘T-coil’ hearing aids only.

Hearing loop

Benefits of Using a Portable Hearing Loop System

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Its lightweight design makes the loop portable and easy to use, enabling delegates to move around as they please.

Plug and play

Plug and Play

The personal hearing loop can be plugged into our infrared or FM receivers for instant delegate use, no other steps required.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

Instead of paying to install a hearing loop system into a room, personal hearing loop systems allow you to pay only for what you need.



Portability and functionality makes the system ideal for meetings and events of any size or style or even for individual use.

Getting the best Personal Hearing Loop Solution for your event is simple:

1. We'll ask you for details about your meeting or event (i.e. duration, number of loops required...)

2. We work with you to create the best hearing loop solution for your requirements.

3. Your delegates get to enjoy seamless, high-quality audio through portable hearing loops.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional team with a track-record of delivering outstanding personal hearing loop systems. Complete the form to get started now.

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