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Portable Interpretation Systems

Also known as Whisper Interpretation Kits

Traditional vs Portable Interpretation Setups:

Traditional interpretation booths and systems are not always the best option for every meeting or event. Comparatively, they come at a higher cost, need to remain stationary and often take up a lot of space. For many instances such as courts, small meetings, outdoor scenarios, tours, among others, a portable interpreting kit may be a far better suited solution.


Traditional Interpretation Setup


Portable Interpretation Setup

Advantages over a traditional system:


Cost Effective

The system requires far less setup and there is no need for an operator unless requested. This means the savings are passed on to the client, making it an extremely cost effective choice.



Unlike a traditional setup, the system does not need to be kept stationary. It functions off 2.4GHz radio frequency and can be taken and used anywhere completely licence free.



It is remarkably compact, made of lightweight materials for maximum comfort. This is especially salient when comparing it to a traditional interpreting system, that would include a booth, and various other pieces of equipemnt.



The portable system is incredibly intuitive, the average person with no technical experience can pick it up and be fully competent in using it in a matter of minutes. In addition, little can go wrong with the system making it incredibly reliable.

Download our e-brochure:

For more information about what comes in the standard kit and how it works, please download our e-brochure.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about the system and how it can be used to meet your individual requirements, reach out, we are more than happy to discuss!

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