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world leaders meeting

APEC 2007


world leaders meeting

Meeting in process


  • Sydney — Various Venues


  • Total of 2030 Receivers and Headphones.

  • 47 Booths

  • 11 Separate Venues

  • Over 7 Days


  • Sept 2007


  • Required detailed project management.

  • Many concurrent events in separate venues.

  • Included Remote Interpreting with 4x Dome cameras and 3 fixed cameras Integrated with microphone system.

Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Meeting (APEC) – Sydney 2007

​Highlighting below just the Leaders and Foreign Ministers meetings.

Sydney 2 – 9 Sept 2007

The Sydney Opera House – Leaders Retreat 1 & Business Summit

​Government House – Leaders Retreat 2

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House

John Howard speaking using conference microphone

Australian Prime Minister John Howard, opens the meeting.

The Sydney Opera House – Leaders Retreat 1 & Business Summit

Leaders Retreat 1 – Located in the Studio of the Opera House.

21 Leaders at the start of the meeting. Each leader had a dedicated Conference Microphone (Bosch Next Generation DCN_DISD. 4 x Dome Cameras (Bosch Auto Dome G4 Series Domes) located within housings in each corner of the room. 2x fixed (Bosch Dinion) cameras provided overviews of the room. Coverage of the room was achieved with 4x radiators (Bosch 25 Watts) located in the roofing area.

Monitor showing each economy on a map of the room & a queued list of economies wishing to speak.

When an economy is given the “floor”, the operator selects the economy and the pre-selected dome camera with it’s pre-position is AUTOMATICALLY SELECTED.

Each leader had a personalized attendant call pad that was linked to the viewing room to allow their assistants to be called as required. These call pads were customized for each country and had a single button to call an attendant. Although only a single button was required the system allows multiple buttons if required.

The Working Lunch

Interpreters working in their Interpretation Booths

Interpretation booth

The Interpreters were located in a separate location (main rehearsal room) within the Opera House. The Interpreters provided interpretation for both the business summit (6 Languages) and for the leaders meeting (11 languages)

Interpreters were provided

  • A wide shot of the Room (43“ Plasma)

  • A head table shot (19“ Wide screen LCD Panel)

  • A close up shot of the speaker (19“ Wide screen LCD panel)

Key Technology Issues

  • 400m Coax Cable runs to 6 Radiators located in the Opera Theatre Business Summit.

  • 300m Coax Cable to 4 Radiators located in the Studio Leaders Retreat 1 (including backup)

  • High quality camera feeds from the Opera Theatre & Studio, through Opera House Fiber system

  • Auto Dome switching of 4 Dome cameras automatically linked to Microphone control system.

  • 11 Language – Remote Interpreting

  • 650 Receivers and Headphones

Interpretation for the Leaders Retreat 1

​Government House – Leaders Retreat 2

Leaders gathered in the ballroom of government house at the start of Leaders Retreat 2. Each leader has a long stem microphone thereby providing high quality audio whilst seated in lounges.

​Key Technology Issues

  • 11 Language – Remote Interpreting

  • Heritage Building – No cables visible (Achieved through a false floor and false column work up to the technicians area on the balcony)

  • Designing the booths and monitors to fit the limited space available for the Interpreters.

Conference Microphones in use

Government House

Remote interpreting
The heritage listed house had limited room available for interpretation booths and equipment. Custom made booths were designed and built to fit the space available. 3 Camera shots were provided for interpreters

  • Overview of the room including a view of the entrance to see leaders arrive. (43“ Plasma)

  • Chairman shot – Showing the Australian Prime Minister + 2 other leaders. (19“ Wide screen LCD Panel)

  • Head and shoulders shot (19“ Wide screen LCD Panel)

Monitors and booths in small space

For this event, the latest Bosch 32 Channel Interpreter desk was installed.

Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre – Foreign & Trade Ministers Meeting, Senior Officials Meetings. The convention centre was the main venue for the APEC business meetings and housed the International Press Centre

Delegate using the Bosch conference microphone, guaranteed Immune to Mobile phone Interference.

Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, chairing the meeting. Managed with Software control by the operator

Condoleezza Rice at the AMM meeting.

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Senior Official meeting, Foreign Affairs Ministers meeting and Trade Ministers meeting.
Sydney Convention Centre

This meeting required 8 Booths with remote interpretation.

Broadcast quality cameras were used to transmit the video signals from the Retreat to an adjacent room where interpreters were located.

Interpreters were provided

  • A wide shot of the Room . (43“ Plasma)

  • A head table shot (19“ Wide screen LCD Panel)

  • A close up shot of the speaker (19“ Wide screen LCD panel)

Dome camera shot shown on big screen for all delegates to see.

Dome Cameras

APEC Week other meetings

In addition to the meetings highlighted above, there were a number of other meetings held in other venues throughout APEC week.

  • International Press Centre – 150 Receivers, 1 Booth

  • Luncheon with Chinese President – 650 Receivers, 1 Booth

  • Canadian Prime Minister address to Parliament and Lunch – 500 Receivers, 1 booth

  • Japanese Press Conference 350 Receivers, 1 booth

  • Lunch for Russian President – 150 Receivers, 1 Booth

  • Press Conference Russian President – 50 Receivers, 1 booth, Remote Interpreting.

  • Chinese Business Meeting 100 Receivers, 1 booth


This APEC week was a technically and logistically challenging week. The security arrangements imposed, led to precise planning of deliveries, install’s and bump outs ensuring that equipment was in the right place at the right time.

The amount of equipment used throughout the week was extensive.

  • 36 Interpreter booths

  • 72 Interpreter Desks

  • 120 Microphones

  • 27 Radiators

  • 7 IR Transmitters

  • >2000 Receivers and Headphones

  • 12 rooms, in 9 locations

  • 16 x 42“ Plasma screens

  • 48 x 19“ LCD Screens

  • 7 Domes

  • 8 Fixed Cameras

  • 3 Integrated switching Dome and Microphone systems

  • 10 Highly Skilled Operators.

Equipment for the event was sourced from Congress Rental in Australia, supported by Congress Rental in Singapore and other Congress Rental Network agents in the Region.

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