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Meeting with dome camera in centre

Fujitsu Senior Meeting 2019


    Congress Rental was contracted by CSI to support the MDRT Global Conference
    Equipment: 25 x 2-person ISO-4043 Compliant Booths 2 x 3-person ISO-4043 Compliant booths 56 x Interpreter Consoles 50 x Digital Infrared Receivers 100 x DICENTIS Digital Receivers 5 x Bosch Central Control Units (CCU’s) 12x Bosch Audio Media Expanders (AME) System Integrator: Conference Systems Inc. Congress Rental Australia End User: Million Dollar Round Table
    Logistics & last minute changes Large scale event

Congress Rental provides a flexible solution for Fujitsu Meeting

Congress Rental recently supported a meeting at Fujitsu’s Sydney Headquarters. A complete Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) Equipment system was installed, tested, operated and packed down. The one-day event involved a board meeting between 33 English and Japanese delegates, with an additional viewing and listening room for other Fujitsu employees.

The meeting room layout held an open-ended rectangular table with 33 push-to-talk NG Wired Microphones. One Dome Camera was preprogrammed to focus on the delegate who had the floor. Radiators were positioned at the back of the room to provide perfect audio coverage to the Bosch Digital Infra-Red Receivers.

​In a separate room, Fujitsu employees were had a video and powerpoint feed from the meeting to two 55” inch screens. The delegates could choose between two languages, English and Japanese by switching between the channels on the Bosch Digital Receivers. 

Delegates watching from remote room

Delegates watching from Remote Room via Dome Camera Feed

Soundproof booth for the interpreters.

To create a soundproof work space for the interpreters, Congress Rental’s ISO-4043 three-person booth was installed in a separate room. Three Japanese interpreters, interpreted in real-time, in 10-minute intervals. The client requested to have three interpreters as there was expected to be a large amount of dialogue during the meeting.

The Operations control system was set up in a separate room with two Congress Rental technicians. This was to provide support to the meeting room and manage the interpreter's room.

At the clients request a remote platform was set up to allow one remote delegate to participate in the meeting from Japan. 

​Congress Rental also installed an audio recording system to record the Japanese and English interpretations of the meeting. The recordings were copied to a flash drive and given to the client after the meeting. 

Soundproof interpreter booth


Unloading and moving the equipment from the truck to the Fujitsu office was a challenge due to the smaller elevators and corridors of the office space. In larger venues goods and services, elevators are used to transport the booths. Congress Rental has extensive experience in different venues, ensuring timely, tidy and hassle-free delivery of equipment. 

Conference Microphones and Dome Cameras

The meeting room layout held an open-ended rectangular table with 33 push-to-talk NG Wired Microphones.

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