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Thermal vision screening cameras are starting to see increased adoption in the events industry due to their two main functions.

Firstly, thermal vision screening cameras are able to screen delegates for their body temperatures and distance from each other non-invasively. This functionality can be particularly useful as the global pandemic subsides and we return to in-person events. Although they are not designed to be used as medical devices and cannot diagnose illness, they can be used for preliminary screening based on body temperature and social distancing, adding a degree of extra security to an event.

Secondly, they can use cutting-edge facial recognition technology to screen for known and unknown individuals on a mass scale. This capability can be instrumental in quickly identifying individuals and verifying whether they are permitted to enter the event.

They can perform these screening capabilities at an extended range of up to 4.5 metres, and a fast rate of up to 30 people per second. This ability ensures that the implementation of this technology to an event will not cause disruption or create queues. Additionally, they are also quickly deployed, portable/mobile, and easy to operate. If the solution detects excess body temperature or recognises prohibited individuals, it provides instant safety alerts to the operator, who can quickly rectify the issue.

A thermal imaging solution typically includes:

  • Thermal imaging camera

  • Black body calibration device

  • 16-channel NVR

  • Tripods

  • Brackets

  • High-definition monitor

  • ​Full-service options (setup, testing and operators)

Sourcing and facilitating the application of this technology to your event can be difficult and require expertise. Congress Rental can provide a complete thermal imaging solution to your event including trained technicians for set-up and operation.


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