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Organising a multi-lingual event may not be something you do often and there are multiple elements to consider; AV providers, interpreters, interpretation equipment and venues. There are many intricate details of organising and planning an interpretation event, which is why we have put together a few points of difference.

Quality of equipment and service

Most of our equipment is Bosch. Bosch gives us the flexibility to integrate various systems, conference microphones, interpretation and domes, to create a complete and outstanding event solution. The quality, reliability and design of Bosch products is an easy choice from the various interpretation equipment providers.

Pairing this with our commitment to innovation and our knowledgeable and proactive technicians means we are continually progressing to create the best solutions for you, our clients!

​Check out the video below for an insight into Congress Rental with our MD Jeremy Ducklin.

Our interpretation booths are ISO Compliant.

Our interpretation booths are to the international standard of ISO-4043:2016, ensuring quality, efficiency and safety. We are the only provider of ISO-4043:2016 interpretation booths in Australia.

The main point of differentiation is in the details.

• Soundproof

• Air ventilation

• Visibility for interpreters

• Personalised lighting for interpreters

• Laptop power

They can be dismantled, transported and put together easily in various locations and venues.

As an example, The French President’s visit to Australia was an outdoor simultaneous interpretation event, taking place on the sloped lawn in front of the heritage-listed Kirribilli House. The team set up the booth on the veranda out the front of the House, positioning the interpreters at a higher vantage point and guaranteeing that members of the press would not block them.


When it comes to events, we don’t believe in “one size fits all”

Instead of providing a one size fits all “package” we prefer to tailor our solutions around your event goals. Ensuring unnecessary equipment is not supplied, and we are supplying the perfect solution. We have a wide range of options and solutions to match a variety of requirements and budgets.

During our 19 years of experience in the conference and events industry, we have discovered a few aspects of interpretation that make a huge difference to an event. Some are listed above and some you would know if you have worked with us before.


Interested in learning more about any of our solutions?

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