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Australia’s tourism industry is growing every year and it’s expected to reach over 9.3 million visitors by the end of 2019. Following with this of influx of tourists, the demand for educational and business-related guided tours also increases. Guiding and educating a tour group, in a factory or large crowd, usually requires the speaker to talk in a loud and projective voice. As a result, the speaker strains their voice while many listeners still struggle to hear them. The tour often ends with the speaker having a sore throat or lost voice and a group of people that missed all of the information that was given to them. Voice strain and message confusion are a thing of the past, as a tour guide system guarantees a more enjoyable experience for both parties.

What is a tour guide system?

A tour guide system is a wireless, portable one-way audio solution that allows a speaker to be heard clearly by a group of people. The tour guide uses a headset microphone to deliver a message to delegates wearing headphones, creating an interactive, inclusive, but also private and conducive learning environment. ​Although they can be used in many different scenarios, the most common uses are for factory tours, corporate tours, university tours, travel tours, trade shows and language interpretation.

What are the benefits of Congress Rental’s tour guide system?

  • Multiple Configuration options (see "Different uses for Tour..." below)

  • Options to rent or buy tour guide systems, with the option to buy some and hire more later to add additional units

  • Clearly delivered message through headsets – high quality digital audio

  • Durable, strong & reliable

  • Portable system – lightweight hard case, perfect for international or domestic travel

  • Operates on a 2.4GHz Wireless Frequency – license-free and legal in all countries

  • Long battery life – 10+ hours, works all day and charge at night using the built-in charge dock

  • Flexible – suits large or small group

  • Environmentally Sound – Rechargeable batteries

What are the limitations of tour guide systems?

Tour guide solutions are used in group setting with the speaker and listeners being within a short distance of each other. With any technological solution, there is certain limitations so knowing these will ensure this solution is the right fit for you.

  • One way – the two-way audio tour guide systems that we have evaluated do not have satisfactory quality for the return audio and are often too complicated to be operated by the guide without a professional technician

  • Range – delegates should remain within a 30 m range of the transmitter to receive crystal clear digital audio

Different uses for Tour Guide System

tour guide system example 1 speaker

​A speaker using one transmitter to deliver audio to the delegates with receivers.

tour guide solution example

Two speakers (or more), each with a transmitter, delivering separate audio, on separate channels to delegates with receivers in the same location.

tour guide equipment example

Two speakers, each with a transmitter, delivering audio, on the same channel, to all delegates with receivers.

Technical aspect of Tour Guide Systems

  • Transmitters & receivers operate on 2043 ~ 2480.5 MHz.

  • Transmitters support up to 100 channels, use an electrical condenser microphone and a dipole antenna (used for both sending and receiving signals).

  • Transmitters and Receivers support 1 x Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries 2250maH.

What does a Tour Guide Kit contain?

Congress Rental’s tour guide kits require minimal setup with all kits including instructions. On the odd occasion you have any difficulties operating the units, or would like more information, please do give us a call, we would be happy to help. (02 9808 6466). Our standard kit includes the devices listed below, this can be customised to suit your needs or requirements.

  • 1 Transmitter & headset microphone: used by the speaker(s) to communicate with the audience. Headset microphone allows the guide to have full use of both hands throughout the tour. Additional units are available upon request.

  • 20 Receivers & Earpieces: used by the delegates, allows them to listen to the speaker. Delegates can use their own headphones if they choose.

  • 1 Recharging case: used to charge up to 25 units at a time simply & effectively. Units are also available with non-rechargeable batteries.

  • Accessories: Each unit comes with a removable lanyard or a built-in belt clip, so all delegates can enjoy a hands-free experience.

Companies that choose Congress Rental

In the past 10 years, Congress Rental has rented over 600 tour guide kits and sold over 75 kits to many different companies in a diverse range of industries. These include Coca-Cola, Toyota, Australia Post, The National Museum of Australia, Adelaide University, Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport.

Frequently asked questions

1.How many groups can share the same area? 100 groups 2.What is the maximum number of receivers? Limited to the number of people you can fit in a 30 m radius 3.What is the maximum number of transmitters on the same channel? 2 transmitters


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