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hybrid event

With the gradual but uncertain timeline of a return to safe and unrestricted indoor events, hybrid events are gaining more prevalence than ever before. Hybrid events combine a live in-person event at a physical venue with a virtual online component that participants can access remotely. Both physical and online attendees can experience the event simultaneously.

What are the benefits of hosting a hybrid event?

  • Give attendees a greater degree of choice and flexibility for attendance, customised to their preferred mode of participation.

  • Use technology to create an engaging and interactive experience for online attendees rather than simply streaming the physical event live.

  • Increase the degree of reach and scalability of attendance by removing physical or geological barriers to entry.

  • Have a degree of defence against unplanned interruptions with the ability to go fully virtual with short notice.

  • Having an online broadcast component for an event has shown to be a powerful sponsorship opportunity.

  • Get a great return on investment by increasing attendance without needing to provide extra physical capacity.

  • Reduce travel costs and environmental impacts.

  • Yield valuable attendance data and produce insights related to the event through the participation of an online audience.

What are the risks of hosting a hybrid event?

With the increased functionality due to the online component there is an inherent risk of technical challenges. To mitigate this risk the production team must source a strong internet connection and supply live support to deploy solutions to potential technical challenges quickly. With a partner equipped to handle the potential challenges, the benefits far outweigh its risks and afford considerable opportunity to provide an enhanced experience to a larger audience.

Are hybrid events here to stay?

hybrid event

Given that hybrid events have such great benefits paired with manageable risks, the main impediment to their success is their novel nature. This unfamiliarity among the public is quickly eroding as many events underwent a digital transformation during the pandemic. Most people have adjusted to this new model and many no longer see the benefit of travelling to physically attend when technological strides have made virtual attendance incredibly user-friendly. The potential that hybrid events hold is only just beginning to be realised. Given the event industry’s current trajectory, particularly as the pandemic subsides, it is becoming increasingly clear that hybrid events are here to stay.

Finding a hybrid event partner that can cater to your specific needs can be arduous. Congress Rental can determine your specific needs and develop a custom tailored, comprehensive solution for your hybrid event. We make the experience for your remote audience more immersive using our PTZ cameras, conference microphones, monitors, and lighting. If you are in need of a hybrid event solution, reach out to one of our producers.

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