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Salesforce World Tour 2022


Event: Salesforce World Tour

Client: The Company We Keep

Location: ICC, Sydney

Date: Thursday 7th April 2022

Solution: Two silent breakouts with 400 receivers stationed at each, used by over 2500 participants throughout the day.

Planning and Pre-work:


Prior to the event we provided multiple options for single use headphones and helped the client settle on the pair most suitable for their needs. We had production meetings where we arranged access times for bump in and logistics in coordination with other suppliers. Our technicians plotted radiator positions on the event floorplan including cable runs for power usage. We prepared a list of equipment required for the event based on the floorplan and event space, factoring in signal coverage and spares. 


All our equipment was tested and checked before being taken to the event, this includes 2500 sets of headphones with brand new foam replacements, over 800 receivers, 2 central transmitters and 10 radiators. 

Day 1: Truss Mounting and Power


We moved the equipment into the Sydney ICC and mounted four radiators along the central truss at breakout A and breakout B. The coverage provided by this setup can distribute clear digital audio to far more than the 400 infrared receivers stationed at each breakout. We then connected the system to power and ran some preliminary tests on the radiators.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10.55.45 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10.53.36 am.png

Day 2: Testing


We ensured the central transmitters were configured and now that the truss’ were raised we surveyed the entire silent breakout area to test the coverage provided by our radiators and ensure against any loss of signal. Our radiators provided perfect coverage within the bounds of the silent breakouts. We also tested the audio feeds from the AV team into our system.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10.59.44 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.22.26 pm.png

Day 3: Distributing Infrared Receivers


We prepped and tied our Bosch infrared receivers to the chairs in Breakout A and Breakout B (400 in each, 800 in total). All units were fully charged and ready to run for up to 200 hours. Each receiver was organised parallel to the chairs themselves for neat presentation.

Apr-08-2022 12-47-58.gif
Apr-08-2022 12-48-49.gif

Day 4: Let the world tour begin!


Upon entry to the silent breakouts, delegates were provided brand new sealed headphones at the entrances and bins to recycle them at the exits.

Apr-08-2022 12-53-06.gif
Apr-08-2022 12-41-13.gif

Silent breakouts quickly filled up and delegates had no issues. They simply plugged the headphones in, powered on the receiver and they were good to go. We had a technician on standby at each breakout to help anyone who needed it, but the system was so intuitive that nearly no one required us to step in all day.

Throughout the day delegates enjoyed hearing from many thought leaders and business innovators from organisations such as Macquarie Bank, Accenture, Seven West Media, Salesforce, AFL, Deloitte, NSW Government, UNICEF, among many others. 


The long battery life and seamless functionality of the silent conference system meant that the silent breakouts had a perfect and effortless execution. The audience were able to engage with the presentations and had no issue hearing presenters even though they were in the middle of a large, busy, and noisy exhibition hall with a lot going on directly around them.

Congress Favicon White.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 3.56.36 pm copy.png

Interested in learning about how Silent Conference can benefit your next event? 

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