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Conference microphone setup

WHO Regional Committee 2017

68th Session of the World Health Organisation’s Regional Committee 2017


Wired conference microphone in use

Congress Rental provided a range of innovative conference equipment across the 5-day conference held in Brisbane’s Convention & Exhibition Centre.

    Congress Rental was contracted by CSI to support the MDRT Global Conference
    Equipment: 25 x 2-person ISO-4043 Compliant Booths 2 x 3-person ISO-4043 Compliant booths 56 x Interpreter Consoles 50 x Digital Infrared Receivers 100 x DICENTIS Digital Receivers 5 x Bosch Central Control Units (CCU’s) 12x Bosch Audio Media Expanders (AME) System Integrator: Conference Systems Inc. Congress Rental Australia End User: Million Dollar Round Table
    Logistics & last minute changes Large scale event

WHO Leaders United in Congress for New Health Initiatives for the Asia Pacific

Congress Rental was enlisted to support the World Health Organization (WHO) host their 68th Regional Committee Meeting for the Western Pacific in October 2017. The annual meeting brought together health ministers and senior officials from 37 different countries to discuss health initiatives that will bring better health to nearly 1.9 billion people.

The meeting was attended by more than 350 people, including the WHO Director-General and WHO Regional Director, as well as the Australian Minister for Health and Minister for Sport. The congregation discussed important health issues such as eliminating major communicable diseases in the region, protecting children from harmful food marketing, and ​health promotion in The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Congress Rental provided a range of innovative conference equipment across the 5-day conference held in Brisbane’s Convention & Exhibition Centre.

French and Mandarin speaking delegates were connected instantly to the English-speaking Congress members, with Bosch equipment and sound-proof interpreter booths facilitating simultaneous interpretation throughout.

The Bosch Integrus system was installed to provide infra-red signal around the enormous event space so that delegates could hear the interpretation wherever they were located.

​The entire meeting also took place in silence, with all delegates sporting a headset provided by Congress Rental. This ensured that each delegate could hear every part of the meeting clearly, and were not distracted by noise interference in the large event space.

conference microphones set up on roundtable for delegates

The interpreters were able to see a video feed of the stage below on the projectors hung beside the stage.

50 Bosch wired conference microphones were arranged around the official government table to provide the Regional Committee members with a voice. The conference microphone system was equipped with a seat identification feature displaying the list of speakers on the projector, so that all delegates knew the order of speakers.

Each attendee also had a clear view of each speaker, as three 360-degree dome cameras were placed at strategic points within the conference table. Each time one of the Committee members pushed their microphone to speak, the 360-degree dome camera would move to focus on the speaker, displaying the video feed on the projectors at the front of the room.

delegates listening to interpretation through headsets

This audio and video feed was also used to provide a webcast to people around the world. The audio was streamed in English, French and Mandarin.

​The Congress Rental team worked with WHO staff to provide a seamless event throughout the five-days. The team overcame many challenges, including solving intricate cabling requirements around the official government table and managing the logistics within the high security measures set for the event. Utilising comprehensive conference equipment, delegates from all regions were able to contribute to upcoming health initiatives in the Asia Pacific.

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