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When your event can't fail.

With over 20 years of experience delivering the latest technologies for meetings, events and conferences, you are in safe hands.

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ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2024


G20 Indonesia Leaders Summit 2022


ICANN74 Policy Forum The Hague 2022


IISS Shangri-La Dialogue Defence Ministers Meeting 2022


APEC Papua New Guinea 2018


World Health Organisation Regional Committee 2017

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Conference microphone setup

Australia's leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpreting Solutions

Congress Australia is a specialist provider of Simultaneous Interpretation equipment and will ensure the successful implementation of interpreting services at your next event. Our turnkey solutions make the process of adding Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) to a conference or meeting simple and stress free.

​With office locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Congress Australia can advise you on all aspects relating to the supply, installation and operation of Simultaneous Interpretation communication equipment.


Our liaison with your designated venue is seamless as we know most venues. We interface with your audio-visual company and we manage all areas of service, bump in, installation, operation and bump out in consultation with you, and without the need for supervision.


​Congress also undertakes detailed project management for all projects, ensuring they remain headache free for clients. We also manage the freight including duties, customs, carnet’s and local delivery.

Can’t thank you and the team enough for the great work you did and how flexible and responsive you were to all our requests. The guys on the ground were also extremely helpful and excellent to deal with.


I continually expected you to say something wasn’t possible in the timeframes, but you made everything work which in turn made the meeting possible (which was a big success) so thank you very much.Thanks again I look forward to working with you in the future.

Sam, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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