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Conference microphone software control

​Conference Microphone Software Control

Conference Microphone Software Control

The Bosch products can be enhanced with the use of additional software.

microphone software control

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Microphone Management

​This microphone management software screen shot shows (in green) a list of delegates who wish to speak, along with their organisation /country and seat number. It also shows (in red) the delegate who has been invited to speak.

ID card for microphone

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Smart Card Integration

​In this example, every delegate is issued with a smart card that they tap onto the microphone to identify themselves. This means delegates can sit anywhere in the meeting room and still be identified by the chairman without the need to raise their name board or draw attention to themselves in any other way.

synoptic map

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Synoptic Map

​We can also provide a map type layout of the microphones in the room, called 'Synoptic'. This is provided with a view from the perspective of the chairman of the meeting, so that the delegate or delegated (in red) speaking can be identified. All those in green are the same people in the queue waiting to speak.

​The following modules show all the software options available from Bosch.

software microphone management

DCN SWMM Conference Software Microphone Management

  • Prepare request‑to‑speak lists

  • Group and individual speech timers

  • Notebook

conference software

DCN SWPV Conference Software Parliamentary Voting

  • Complete operator control of parliamentary voting sessions

  • Extensive motion preparation facilities

  • Output voting results to printers

  • Wide range of vote‑related parameter options

conference software

DCN SWSI Conference Software Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Operator control of interpreter microphones

  • Configure and control interpretation facilities

  • Monitor interpreter activities

  • Adjust individual microphone sensitivity of interpreter desks

software message

DCN SWMD Conference Software Message Distribution

  • Speak‑slowly request

  • Help request of delegates and interpreters

ID Card Encoding

DCN SWID Conference Software ID Card Encoding

Conference Software

DCN SWAT Conference Software Attendance & Access

  • Attendance registration using ID‑card with or without PIN‑code, or present button

  • Access control using ID‑card with or without PIN-code or PIN‑code only

  • All data instantly available to operator

  • Print function to reproduce data

Meeting Conference Software

DCN SWSMD Conference Software Streaming Meeting Data

  • XML streams for easy processing and logging

  • Interface to video client applications to display meeting data by using video screens or video projectors

  • Video client application available on DCN‑SW DVD

  • Example C‑Sharp source code available on DCN‑SW DVD

  • Software developer manual available

Voice activated microphone logging

DCN SWVAML Conference Software Voice Activated Logging Microphone Logging

  • Log microphone activity to third party applications during voice mode

  • Use automatic camera control in Voice mode

  • Record speaker information in Voice mode

  • See who speaks during Voice mode

Smart control software microphone and voting

DCN SWSMV Smart Control Software Synoptic Microphone & Voting

  • Synoptic room overview for monitoring and controlling the microphones

  • Voting control with individual results

  • Real-time voting results displayed in Microsoft PowerPoint®

  • On-screen help in many languages

Conference software webcase application

DCN SWWA Conference Software Webcast Application

  • Broadcast meetings live over the internet

  • Record live meeting

  • Publish recorded meeting online

  • Add PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Links, Polls and Surveys to agenda items, geographical data

  • Export recorded meetings to DVD or to an intranet site

Conference software open interface

LB4187/00 Conference Software Open Interface

  • For custom build interfaces to control and to configure the system

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