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Interpretation headset and receiver

Video Remote Interpretation Equipment

Equipment configurations


Equipment Types



Our cloud-based solution offers remote interpretation to delegates directly on their smartphone. Delegates simply download the app, input the event code and tune in!

Traditional on-site interpretation


Our traditional solution provides interpretation to your delegates with physical interpreting equipment onsite. Delegates tune into the interpretation via headsets.

Hybrid interpretation


Our hybrid solution combines traditional and cloud-based solutions to produce a streamlined event for your delegates. This solution includes a cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpretation with traditional headsets for delegates.

Remote Interpretation Solutions


Our Smartphone Cloud-Based Solution

  • ​​The Congress Remote App lets delegates listen to interpreted audio on their smartphones

  • ​Delegates simply input their unique event code to access the session

  • ​Delegates select from the pre-configured languages to select their language

  • ​The Congress Remote App is free to download for both iOS and Android users

Congress remote app for cloud based interpretation

Our Infrared Based Traditional Solution

  • ​​Interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth at the back of the room

  • ​Bosch Interpreting Equipment installed by Congress Rental technicians distributes the language signal around the room

  • ​Delegates listen to the interpreted audio via receivers with headsets

  • ​Up to 32 languages can be transmitted

Traditional infrared interpretation solution

Our Hybrid Remote + Infrared Solution

  • ​​​Interpreters work from a remote location via the Congress Remote platform

  • ​​Delegates wear traditional headsets to listen to the interpreted audio

  • ​​Eliminates problems with Wi-Fi streaming to large audiences

  • ​​Perfect for longer events where smartphone battery life wouldn't be sufficient

Hybrid remote infrared interpretation solution

How Our Hybrid System Works

  • Our cloud-based remote interpreting platform is connected to the on-site audio system

  • ​​The audio signal from the interpreters is streamed to a traditional infra-red transmitter

  • ​​HD video of the speakers will be streamed to the interpreters on the Congress Remote platform

  • ​​Additional languages can be easily offered without having to install booths on-site

Hybrid interpretation flow chart

The Interpreter Platform

  • ​​Interpreters log into the Congress Remote platform on their computer

  • ​Interpreters are given a unique event code to access the event

  • ​HD audio and video of the event will be streamed to the interpreters via the platform

  • ​Interpreters can chat to each other and to Congress Rental technicians during the event to alert them of any issues

Remote interpreter platform on laptop

Technical specifications for our Cloud Based Solution

Our Cloud-based remote interpretation solution uses state-of-the-art communication technology that provides high-quality sound even under poor network conditions.  A super-wideband connection with up to 12.5kHz frequency range is used, with flexible adjustments based on the available bandwidth. The sound quality we deliver is, therefore, superior to that which can be achieved with traditional remote connections.

Cloud based interpretation solution flow chart
  • ​Minimum 6 Mbps download/upload for video (2Mbps audio only) + additional 2Mbps down/up for each audio channel/language. If attendees connect through standard broadcasting equipment and radio/IR headsets, the above bandwidth is sufficient, otherwise additional capacity should be set aside for streaming to the audience.

  • When streaming to attendees through laptops, tablets or smartphones, minimum 0.5Mbps download per user is required.

  • Ping on any connected devices must be below 50ms Maximum of 20 devices per wireless access point (Wi-Fi router) 

  • When connecting the PCs of the interpreter(s) and the speaker(s), an Ethernet cable connection is required. 

  • Use mobile Speedtest app ( to test bandwidth and ping, testing several times in different places of the room 

Congress Remote Security Configurations

  • Congress Remote is built on WebRTC, a leading technology for secure real-time audio and video streaming from browsers and mobile apps.

  • Users can login with an event token or a login link. Interprefy platform is GDPR compliant and no personally identifiable data of audience is stored, but IP addresses, and type of connecting devices are logged.

  • All media streams sent through Congress Remote are encrypted using AES 128-bit encryption, and all publishing is taking place from a secure HTTPS page. The main protocols providing WebRTC security are SRTP for media traffic encryption and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation.

  • Optional 2-Factor Authentication allows the event organiser to limit event access only to users with known phone numbers or email addresses. The list of users is added when configuring an event. After entering the login token, users will then need to enter a 4-digit code that they receive by SMS or email, depending on the event setting.

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